eCommerce solutions: a brief guide

10 Jul , 2017 News

eCommerce solutions: a brief guide

The progress made in information technology has affected the web industry. Today, people want to shop online because this is the most convenient way of shopping. That’s why there are many merchants who are interested in selling items online. In addition, this is the reason why there is such a huge interested in eCommerce websites too. Those who are interested in online business are wondering which tool they should use for developing an eCommerce website.

If you are one of these people, you should know that there are many tools for developing eCommerce websites. By analyzing their offer and the way they work, you can make the right decision.

First of all, we will mention WooCommerce. This is actually a plugin which is found on WordPress and used for eCommerce website development. This plugin has features that allow used to create and operate their online stores like price details, inventory, stock list, carts etc. It’s quite easy to use WooCommerce. The installation and activation of this plugin will help you turn your existing website into an attractive online store.

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Next, we should like to mention Magento. For many experts, this is the number one eCommerce platform today. We can’t claim that because it all depends on your needs and requirements. It definitely includes every element that modern online store owners need. Starting from the best way to present products to smooth online transactions – Magento has it all and more. Magento has some unique and efficient features like supplier and shipping management, inventory management, product lists etc. With its help, users can take full control over content management too. What’s worth mentioning is that you don’t need coding or programming skills to customize your online business while using Magento.

The list of great eCommerce solutions  goes on with Opencart. This is a newer platform than Magento and WooCommerce, but this is also the fastest growing platform of this kind today. The main reason for that is that Opencart is very easy to use. After installing the app, you should choose a theme and start uploading your products. Once you are done, you can start selling your products.

Shopify is a great eCommerce development tool too. This is the ideal solution for individuals and organizations who are interested in starting their own online store as soon as possible without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that this is a fully hosted eCommerce platform.

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