Using the PESO model for your E-Commerce Media Marketing Campaign -

Marketing your e-commerce website is another task in itself. You need to come up with a plan which encompassed all sorts of media. An easy way to do this is through the PESO model. That is the ‘Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media and Owned Media’ model. This model encompasses all sorts of media where you can promote your e-commerce business on. So what are these mediums which make up PESO and how can you use them?

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1. Paid Media

This is fairly easy to understand. Paid media is any medium where you pay to advertise on. These include the ads you run on Google, which pop up every time someone searches for certain keywords. This could also be the ads on YouTube videos. All of the ads which you pay for are ads which come under paid media. You can determine certain keywords associated with your business which are searched for frequently and use them to set up an ad on Google. For YouTube you can target videos which you think will be most likely viewed by your target market and advertise before them.

2. Earned Media

Earned media is as the name suggests is anything that you have earned! This can be word of mouth recommendations your previous customers make about your product. Or reviews they post about you. You can achieve this with having a great website using some of the best commerce website platforms like Shopify. This can be press releases which you send out and are published by news papers or any news media agency. This can be an interview you give where you mention your product. Earned media is something which you do not pay for but a kind of publicity you get for your e-commerce business for free.

3. Shared Media

Shared media is everything which you post on social media websites which are controlled and owned by someone else. Most e-commerce websites these days have profiles made on social media pages which they regularly update. The content you post on the Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus account for your e-commerce business is all shared media since you do not own the platform you are posting on neither do you pay to post the content.

4. Owned Media

Owned media is posting about your e-commerce business on media that you own. Most popularly e-commerce websites have blogs which they use to write about their products and services. They incorporate keywords for SEO so that they will get more hits regarding their posts and hence the blog post will lead their website since you can internally link the blog with links to your products and hence drive up sales.

With an e-commerce business, you will have a lot of competition. Hence you need to make sure you market your product as well as you can. If you do not do a good job of marketing your e-commerce website, you will face a lot of problems staying afloat.

It is up to you to decide the mix of PESO which you will employ which you think will be most beneficial for your particular e-commerce website. You need to be consistent in your approach hence it is always a good idea to plan your PESO approach months in advance. Decide what you will post where and at what time. This gives you a good idea of what you are supposed to do in the coming months so there is no lag in your media marketing!

Come up with a plan which incorporates all the media in PESO so that you can optimize your e-commerce websites marketing and get as many customers as you can, driving up your site’s popularity.


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